Benefits of Corporate Fitness

The benefits of a well-designed corporate fitness package include:

Increased Performance: Get more time, commitment, ideas, results, output, buy-in from staff. People who feel appreciated reciprocate!

Cost Savings: Greater concentration, more productivity, more care, more commitment to the mission, less waste. Look after your staff and they’ll look after your business! Just ask Richard Branson!

Discovering Latent Talent: Under performers in one area could be world-beaters in other positions. Would you play Lionel Messi in goal?

Attract Talent: The best people want to work for the best companies. Developing a culture of performance, leadership, health, fitness, vitality, alertness, teamwork and constant improvement is a major pull for the best. People with outstanding attitudes need an organisational culture that matches their outlook.

All these benefits add up to one key thing: Competitive Advantage! Your company cannot afford to be left behind.

More Than a Nice to Have

Corporate Fitness is becoming increasingly essential to business, with employers realising that workers who are fit are more productive, more motivated and take less sick time.

According to The Daily Mail

  • Workplace sickness cost the economy £32 billion last year
  • NHS chief Simon Stevens says illness prevention is ‘economic imperative’British workers cost the economy £32 billion in sick days last year
  • Mr Stevens warned that many companies were ‘neglecting’ workplace health and had not yet ‘woken up’ to the cost of their ill staff.
  • He also warned that ill-health caused by obesity was costing the country more than the fire service, the police and the criminal justice system combined.
  • The most common reasons for staff being off sick include back pain and depression and experts believe these can be prevented by exercise.

(Reference: The Daily Mail, 2015)

According to Forbes Magazine

“A corporate wellness program and culture can have not only a positive impact on the employee’s health but also on the bottom line of the company through tremendous cost savings”.

“55% of workers identified a workplace wellness program as an instrument in improving their overall well-being. In fact it equates to $250 million in savings in lowered health costs and a 50% reduction in high blood pressure among employees”.

“When a team understands how much a company cares about each individual person, the people will work harder, be more dedicated and can more easily operate as one unit. If the overall wellness of an organization is evaluated and treated holistically, a company can minimize mechanical and structural problems while maximizing culture and profitability…and also can add a competitive component that drives people to do more, be more and experience more”.

(Reference: Forbes Magazine, 2015.)

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