Enjoy the Process for Better Results

The happiest clients are always those who find a sport or activity to help them enjoy the process of achieving their fitness or aesthetics goals.

However, it’s important to try and find a match between the two (training for fun and training for an aesthetic goal) as there are loads of “fit” people who are still not happy with how they look. This is usually due to poor diet and a lack of strength training.

An effective fitness and aesthetics programme should have a combination of resistance training and “cardio”. If you want to enjoy the process then find something you like doing.

Weight training & running
Callisthenics & spinning
Callisthenics & golf
Weight training & cycling
Callisthenics & triathlon
Gymnastics & HIIT
Weight training & golf
Weight training & badminton

Whatever you choose you need to see the process as more than just a means to an end because there’s only so long that you can go to the gym or hit the road without enjoying the process. Once the buzz of the “newbie gains” has worn off you need a more potent force to pull you through.

If you enjoy weights and treadmill that’s great but if you’re getting bored then it might be time to find a way to turn training into a game. Squash is HIIT training, so is indoor football. If you’re running to lose weight then sign up for some challenges, such as a weekly parkrun, 10k runs, Tough Mudder type courses.

If you want long term success then you have to enjoy the process as well as the results.

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