From The Ashes of Disaster Grow The Roses of Success

What a morning of learning!

I’ve pretty much been out of action for 3 weeks a virus that’s made me everything from sneezy to dopey to sleepy – the only thing I’ve not been is Bashful. I’ve also had a really nasty shoulder injury that meant I couldn’t get up off the sofa at one point. So, today I decided to go to the gym just to try and keep moving and halt the slide.

I started with a good 20 minutes of stretches and mobility work. Then bench press and front squats at about 80% of my normal weight. Then I finished off with snatch. This is where the magic really started. I hit my usual failure weight of 60kg 5 times in a row. Then I hit a new PR of 62.5kg 3 times in a row and finished off with another new PR at 65kg.

Here’s what today was about…

1, Adapt to the situation, do what you can, adjust your intensity accordingly – just to stretching if you have to, but make sure you keep doing something. Every day can’t be a PR day but every day can get you closer to a PR and help you to be a little bit better than yesterday. Take the long view and don’t get disheartened when the injuries, colds and life in general make it hard to be at 100%. Sometimes when it doesn’t go the way you planned you have to approach things in a different way and that leads to unexpected progress. As the song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang goes “From The Ashes of Disaster Grow The Roses of Success”.

2, Some people need to start chasing PRs as they just keep doing the same weight and the same rep-range, or running the same distance at the same pace without any improvement or adaptation. Other people (me being one if them), need to rein-in their training and just get in some steady, consistent miles or reps and the PRs will come. Like a lot of the things, it’s about getting the balance right.

I’ve applied this to my Olympic Lifting. Just moving away from chasing PRs and focusing on consistency has helped me to achieve both consistent improvement and new PRs as well. Still lots of improvements to be made but whole heap of progress from when I first started Olympic Lifting.

Danny Sroda is owner and Lead Trainer at Reach Corporate Fitness for Business.