How many books about THINKING have you read?

A couple of shelves on my bookcase.


Cogent reasoning and clear thinking is an innate ability but it’s also a skill that has to be developed.

People spend years training to be a builder, a doctor or a landscape gardener; learning the theory & gaining experience. People spend hours at the gym or out running to improve their body. They spend even more hours choosing their Fantasy Football team. So why don’t most people spend the same amount of time and effort training themselves to THINK?

We take for granted the ability to think clearly, cogently & free from bias but, without the knowledge, understanding and practice that’s required for any skill, most people are way below their potential as thinkers.

If I were to recommend one book to develop your thinking it would be influence by Robert Cialdini. If you think you’re unbiased in your thinking then you need to read this book!