Success Starts with Sunday

What goes into your head has a massive effect on what you do. I used to get a Pizza Hut offers email every Tuesday. I never ordered, but I realised that the marketing did have a huge effect on my focus in terms of nutrition. I could spend all day thinking about chicken, rice and veg and then I’d get the email and all of a sudden PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA – sometimes in the back of my mind, sometimes my main train of thought.

Same with my Facebook timeline. When I see it filled with Crossfit and running it makes me want to train. When it has burgers and desserts it makes me think about that.

So, my Sunday evening is usually spent getting myself focused on the things I want to focus on. It sets me up for the week ahead. Batch cooking veg, chicken and sweet potato. Watching fitness and nutrition videos on YouTube. Planning my metcons for the week ahead.

Before I even got into fitness in a huge way, when I was just a regular gym-goer trying to lose weight, I realised that Sunday was where the week really started. The old “fail to plan…” cliché has plenty of truth in it. Sunday evening is where it starts – both from a psychological and planning point of view. If you want great things to happen this week – Sunday evening is where you create the plan to MAKE IT HAPPEN!