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"Following our lunch time work out, I have a huge increase in energy and productivity flow" (Georgia Lambert, Fox Agency)
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Raise The Bar! Corporate Fitness is becoming increasingly essential to businesses, with employers realising that workers who are fit are more productive, more motivated and take less sick time.


Increased Performance | Cost Savings | Talent Retention

Talented, highly motivated and driven people with outstanding attitudes need an organisational culture that matches theirs. Your company cannot afford to be left behind.


...For The Best!

Reach Fitness For Business are the UK’s leading provider of corporate fitness and employee wellness programmes.

Sick days last year cost the British economy £32 billion! The most common reasons for staff being off sick include back pain, depression and general illnesses, which many experts believe can be prevented by exercise. In fact, Simon Stevens, the Chief Executive of the NHS, has called illness prevention an “economic imperative”. Here’s where Reach Fitness For Business can help YOUR organisation!

We provide corporate fitness packages for business and public sector organisations. Imagine your every member of your workforce having access to a personal trainer. Our fully qualified Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors deliver workplace bootcamps and fitness classes. We also provide a full nutrition plan for every single member of your team! Not only that, our trainers are there for your staff to contact via email or text to support them outside of the work place. In addition, your employees will have access to a huge database of home workouts, strength exercises, running plans and other information on how to start getting fit and healthy.

Winning organisations are starting to realise that employee wellness is not just a nice to have, it’s a competitive advantage.

“I created Reach Corporate Fitness because I believe that there is a direct link between business success and health and fitness success factors, such as motivation, discipline, goal setting, striving to be better, constantly learning, teamwork, overcoming obstacles etc. I truly believe that our expert knowledge of motivation, personal development and organisational behaviour, combined with our experience in the fitness industry makes us the world leader in providing Corporate Fitness programmes.”

Danny Sroda, Founder.

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  • Reduced Sickness Costs

    CIPD figures show that sick time costs UK industry a total of £32 billion a year. We can help your organisation to create a culture of health and fitness that leads to improved staff well-being, reduced sick time and increased cost savings.

    “Forward-looking companies will invest in health and well-being services to tackle the issue before absence starts to hit their bottom lines. This is particularly relevant for start-ups and SMEs, where the cost of absence can be crippling.”
    (Jon Andrews, HR consulting lead at PwC)

  • Increased Motivation

    The law of reciprocation has been proved to be a major factor in motivating people. When employees feel like their company genuinely cares for them, they do more, give more and care more. We specialise in using physiology and psychology to empower and motivate people.

    Motivated People = A Winning Organisation!

  • Improved Performance

    It's simple: Fit, healthy, happy and motivated people get more work done, to a higher standard, with less hassle. A corporate fitness programme pays for itself in immediate and long-term benefits, as well as key operational and strategic competencies. Think Total Quality Management! Think Kaizen! Think Excellence!

  • Positive Culture

    A company’s culture is, perhaps, its greatest competitive advantage. Companies spend multi-millions of pounds, and several years on organisational change programmes. What if there was one single thing you could do, that didn’t take any memos or directives or meetings to communicate? Would you do it?

    Our corporate fitness programmes are not a single panacea, but they can drive a virtually instant acknowledgement towards a culture of excellence, team work and constant, never-ending improvement.

Reach Fitness For Business Team

Our Expertise
Danny Sroda
Owner & Head Coach
Danny is an experienced Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. He has over 10 years experience working in business as an HE lecturer in management and freelance consultant specialising in motivation and personal development.
Jen Glover
Jen is an experienced Fitness Instructor with a background in social work and community development. A Surestart chairperson and former YMCA Global Representative, Jen knows how to bring people together and facilitate positive change in the community.


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