100 healthy lunch options (and how to make a hand-grenade!)

Bored of plain chicken and salad? Here are 100 healthy lunch options. Oh and how to make a hand-grenade too!

• Tuna with avocado, spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes with a small drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of cayenne pepper.

• Ham off the bone with cottage cheese, rocket leaves, chopped grapes and crushed Brazil nuts.

• Salmon with hard-boiled egg, grated carrot, chopped pickled beetroot, iceberg lettuce and a sprinkling of ground flax seeds.

• Peppered mackerel with iceberg lettuce and pre-prepared “hand-grenades” (see below for instructions).

• Any left over dinner from last night.

You can then mix and match the protein from the above meals, or use chicken, turkey or beef, adding things like olives, strawberries, nuts, cucumber, other veg etc. to give you so many variables to keep you healthy and happy! 🙂

How to make a hand-grenade

1. Hollow out a beef tomato and a large flat mushroom.

2. Add a chopped spring onion and a pinch of pepper to the scooped out flesh from the mushroom and tomato.

3. Cook 1 rasher of bacon and add to the mixture (skip this step if you prefer saving time over taste).

4. Sautee the mixture in a little butter for around 7-8 minutes (skip this step if you prefer saving time over taste).

5. Remove from the heat and add a large dessert spoon of cottage cheese. Stir well.

6. Fill the tomato and mushroom with the mixture.

7. Oven-bake at around 150 degrees for approx. 20 minutes or until cooked to desired level.

Serve either hot or cold.