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Our Service

  • Weekly workplace bootcamps
  • Reach fitness app or each employee
  • Full nutrition plan for each employee
  • Recipe book for each employee
  • Hormone guide for each employee
  • Members’ only Facebook group with support, education and motivation from qualified personal trainers
  • Client log-in area with training plans (weight training, kettle bells, body weight etc), running plans, calorie calculators, recipe books etc


Pricing depends on number of employees and number of bootcamps needed. As the nunber of people attending a bootcamp increases, the quality of the bootcamp decreases. E.G we can do a bootcamp for an office of 6 people and pretty much do a PT sessions with barbells and dumbbells etc. A 100 person bootcamp would mean circuits of bodyweight exercises like burpees and press ups etc. Of course, this all depends on the individual – one person might actually think the bodyweight stuff is better than doing bicep curls.

I would go with something like:
For each person £5 per week (for the app, nutrition etc)
1 bootcamp = £90

Here are some pricing examples based on the above

  • Small business with 20 people doing 2 bootcamps a week: 12 week programme £1200 + £2160 = £3360
  • Small business with 20 people doing 1 bootcamp a week: 12 week programme £1200 + £1080 = £2280
  • Big business with 200 people doing 2 bootcamps a week for 100 people each time: 12 week programme £12000 + £2160 = £14,160
  • Big business with 200 people doing 10 bootcamps a week for 20 people each time: 12 week programme £12000 + £10800 = £22,800

Of course the big £ sales are negotiable. Costs are minimal so profit will be high but I think the cost per person is pretty good! For example on that last example, a 12 week programme works out at £114 per employee – that’s only £9.50 a week!

Reach Fitness App

Our bespoke app contains meal plans, a huge database of training plans and the ability to record and monitor your progress.

  • Training Plans with conditioning workouts,cardio workouts, interval training, weight training and much more!
  • Explore hundreds of professional instructional exercise videos to ensure you know what you’re doing
  • All workouts can be saved and printed out in PDF format.
  • View and analyze exercise, before-and-after photos, body stats, heart rate, calipers, nutrition, and graphs.
  • Track workouts, nutrition, fitness targets and progress photos.
  • Check in and track your workouts
  • Clients receive badges when they hit personal bests and are encouraged to share via social media.


Here’s a copy of our brochure

Reach Fitness for Business Brochure