The Secret To Training Success

Effective training is made up of lots of elements but these five are critical.

1, Do you know your NUMBER 1 goal? Does aesthetics trump fitness? Does muscular strength come at the expense of cardio fitness? Work out what you’re trying to achieve!

2, Do you know what you need to so to achieve your goal? 8 reps bench press for strength or power is entirely different matter to 8 reps for hypertrophy. Yes there is some crossover in terms but the speed at which you move the bar will determine how much weight you can put on and the time under tension.

3, How often are you prepared to work out. Assuming both are following the same plan with the same application, who will make the most progress towards their goal – the person who trains intelligently once a week or the person who trains intelligently six times a week? Answers on a postcard…

4, Nutrition. Choose your food intelligently. Keep up with the latest research. Be careful who you listen to. There are some fantastic sources of information on the internet (usually professionals who walk the walk) and there are some people who’ll have you believing any old nonsense because that’s what their friend did and made “sik gainz in 2 weeks dude” (usually on the forums of

5, How much do you want it. Are you prepared to go down blind alleys, try weird things that seem like a good idea at the time just to learn something new or that something doesn’t work well for you, overcome setbacks, injuries and plateaus? Are you prepared to train when you don’t want to because the pain of not looking how you want to look or feeling how you want to feel outweighs the pain and inconvenience of training late on a Wednesday night or early on a Saturday morning?

If the answer to this one is yes then you’ll find a way to sort out number 1-4. You’re the one who’ll make it. In whatever you’re trying to achieve – fitness, business, life in general. I spent years studying and teaching motivation and personal development and, I promise, if you want it enough you’ll find a way!