What a Personal Trainer CAN’T do for you

In any endeavour there are a few elements that lead to success. Some key ones are:

  • Skill, Ability or Talent
  • Knowledge
  • Opportunity
  • Motivation, Attitude & Beliefs

A PT can’t change your attitude or motivate you long-term. Sure, everyone gets an initial burst of enthusiasm but after the novelty has worn off it’s down to your attitude, goals and beliefs to drive you forward.

What a good PT can do (like any good teacher) is recognise and draw out the skills and talent that are already there, and add to your knowledge, whilst providing the opportunity for you to show what you can do.

Long-term motivation comes from valuing the results, believing you can do it and having faith in the process (Vroom’s VIE model of motivation).

If you really don’t care enough about the outcome then you’ll last 3-6 months, with or without a PT. If you care enough you’ll find a way to achieve it, however long it takes, with or without a PT.

Whenever my clients do well I always tell them it’s down to them, not me…and I’m not just saying it to be nice or with a sense of faux-humility. I genuinely mean it! It’s easy to write a beginner’s training plan. It’s not rocket science and most people could write a fairly decent one for themselves. The hard bit is actually executing the plan long-term.

Health and fitness is about 90% mental and 10% physical. If you want to get fit and need some motivation then a pop-psychology book is probably a better place to start than an exercise book. Just about everyone I know who’s into personal development started with fitness. They set some goals and worked at them for years, not months, years! Then they used the discipline and attitude that fitness taught them to improve other areas of their life. I’ve seen it time and time again.

Seriously – long-term motivation is down to your attitudes, goals, desires, values and beliefs.

A PT can give you a push but you’re the one who needs to keep peddling when they’re not there to hold you steady, and the major factor in whether you do it or not is how much you want it and how often you’re prepared to keep trying, until it becomes second nature – just like riding a bike.